Culture Strategy

Derby - Bidding to be City of Culture 2025

The strategy presents our 10 year vision for culture in the city, building on our rich heritage and setting our ambition for the future.

Through this strategy, culture is aligned with key social, economic, education and health agendas, continuing the tradition of confluence that has shaped Derby, and taking us into the future.

This strategy is for the whole city; and creates a framework to achieve Derby’s cultural ambition. It is a resource for those working in the creative, cultural and heritage sectors and those that would like to collaborate with them.

The framework is accompanied by an action plan that will be reviewed and refreshed on two yearly cycles. This will ensure priorities and objectives remain relevant, reflective of need and responsive to new opportunities.

Culture Strategy

Read the full strategy to find out how Derby will drive cultural development and city regeneration by 2030.

Culture Strategy

Derby's Cultural Ecosystem

Strategy & Policy

Local, regional, national and international documents and processes that feature culture or where culture can contribute.

Education, Skills & Learning

Courses, students, providers, levels of skills and education, formal and informal learning.

Funding & Investment

Public and private funding opportunities that support and develop culture in the city and beyond.

Audiences & Participants

People who live in, work in, or visit Derby; whether active participants or not.

Cultural Infrastructure

Buildings, companies, and heritage connected to Derby that are guardians of, platforms for or connectors of culture.

Artists, Creatives & Content

People and organisations who make creative and cultural content, both based here and who we want to attract to tour/visit/relocate.