Exhibition celebrating Quentin Blake’s 50-year partnership with John Yeoman opens at Derby Museums

July 6, 2021

An exhibition celebrating illustrator Quentin Blake’s 50-year partnership with author John Yeoman is set to open at Derby Museums, just in time for the summer holidays.

Quentin Blake & John Yeoman: 50 Years of Children’s Books will open at Derby Museum & Art Gallery on Friday 9th July, following a year of Covid restrictions. This touring exhibition from House of Illustration, curated by Quentin Blake, is the first to celebrate Blake’s long partnership with author John Yeoman and features more than 40 works including illustrations and books by the two.

The pair have created more books together than Blake has with any other author, including Roald Dahl. The exhibition includes Blake’s very first illustrations for children’s literature from 1960, as well as work from their latest collaboration and ten projects in between – from picture books and short novels for children to adaptations of classic folk tales.

All the Year Round © Quentin Blake

Tony Butler, Executive Director of Derby Museums, said:

“As the city emerges from lockdown, we are delighted to be able to host such a prestigious exhibition here in Derby. These beautiful and unique works are inspirational and guaranteed to raise a smile whatever your age.”

Illustrations from Blake and Yeoman will be exhibited from the following books: The Boy Who Sprouted Antlers; Mouse Trouble; The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus; Quentin Blake’s Amazing Animal Stories; The World’s Laziest Duck and other Amazing Records; The Hermit and the Bear; Featherbrains; The Heron and the Crane; Sixes and Sevens; and Up with Birds.

The exhibition will run from Friday 9th July until Sunday 3rd October at Derby Museum & Art Gallery on The Strand. Entry is free of charge with a request to Give What You Think.

All images: All the Year Round © Quentin Blake